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ACTUATOR, ACTUATOR, Dimmer, ACTUATOR, Dimmer Switch, ACTUATOR, Dimmer Switch Rod, RACK, Switch Actuator (Also in Pkg. 4147364), ROD, H/Lamp Beam Selector Actuating. ACTUATOR, Rod Dimmer Switch w/Tilt. View Product
Stock Code: 04019787
$ 12.22
Categories: Steering > STEERING COLUMNS; Electrical > SWITCHES-TURN SIGNAL AND HAZARD WARNING; Steering > Steering Column; Steering
Additional Images:
ADAPTER, BLOCK, CONNECTOR, ENGINE. Mounting. Oil Filter, Short, Short Block. 3/4-16. View Product
Stock Code: 53007563AB
$ 7.16
Notes: [Thread 3/4-16-2A], 3/4-16-2A, ADAPTER, Oil Filter, ADAPTER, Oil Filter to Cylinder Block, CONNECTOR, CONNECTOR, Oil Filter, See Note, STUD, Oil Filter, Theard 3/4-16-2A. [22 MM Thread], 1991, 1991-92, 1991-93, 1993, After 2-1-99, After 7-16-92, Metric Thread, SAE Thread, Up to 7-16-92. (more...)
Categories: Engine
Additional Images:
BATTERY. Transmitter. View Product
Stock Code: 83504802
$ 7.88
Notes: BATTERY, BATTERY, Receiver , BATTERY, Transmitter (Stamp DL2016) , BATTERY, Transmitter, (#2016) . [2016], [GXN], [GXP], [GXR], [GXW], 1991-92, Keyless enrty, Keyless Entry. (more...)
Categories: Body > LOCK CYLINDERS; Body > Lock Cylinders and Keys; Body; Electrical; Body > CYLINDER AND KEYS; Body > PREMIER/MONACO; Accessories > Lifesytle & Off Road
BEARING. Front. Drive Pinion. View Product
Stock Code: 02070316
$ 36.72
Notes: BEARING, Front, CONE and ROLLER, Axle Drive Pinion, CONE and ROLLER, Axle Drive Pinion Front, CONE and ROLLER, Drive Pinion Front, CONE and ROLLER, Drive Pinion, Front, CONE w/Roller, Axle Drive Pinion, Front, CONE w/ROLLERS, Axle Drive Pinion, Front, CONE, Drive Pinion Bearing, CONE, Drive Pinion Bearing, Front, CONE, w/Roller, Axle Drive Pinion, Front, CONE, w/Rollers, Axle Drive Pinion, Front. [497], Outer. (more...)
Categories: Driveline > CHRYSLER REAR AXLE; Driveline > CHEROKEE, BRIARWOOD, GRAND CHEROKEE, COMANCHE; Suspension > FRONT AXLES; Suspension > FRONT AXLE ASSEMBLY; Transmission & Transfer Case > Case and Extension; Driveline > Rear Axle; Housing, Differential and Vent; Driveline > Differential and Housing; Driveline > Rear Axle
Additional Images:
BEARING. Rear. Drive Pinion. View Product
Stock Code: 02800484
$ 43.88
Notes: Cone, Bearing , CONE, Drive Pinion Bearing. [497], [DMD,DMH], Inner. (more...)
Categories: Driveline > CHEROKEE, BRIARWOOD, GRAND CHEROKEE, COMANCHE; Driveline > CJ; Driveline > XJ CHEROKEE, XJ WAGONEER, COMANCHE; Driveline > Rear Axle; Housing, Differential and Vent; Driveline > Differential and Housing; Driveline > Rear Axle; Driveline > SJ CHEROKEE, SJ WAGONEER, J10, J20
Additional Images:
BEZEL, KNOB AND ELEMENT. Cigar Lighter. View Product
Stock Code: 04685536
$ 17.08
Notes: BEZEL, Switch, ELEMENT, ELEMENT, C/Lighter, HEATING ELEMENT, C/Lighter, KNOB, KNOB & ELEMENT ASSEMBLY , KNOB & ELEMENT ASSEMBLY, Cigar Lighter , KNOB & ELEMENT ASSEMBLY, Lighter , KNOB AND ELEMENT, Cigar Lighter , KNOB w/ELEMENT, Cigar Lighter , KNOB, C/Lighter, KNOB, C/Lighter (Black), KNOB, Cigar Lighter, KNOB, w/Bezel & Element, KNOB, w/Element, Cigar Lighter, LIGHTER, Cigar . (CH), (CH-CM), (Knob only), [AWS], [JJA], After 07/09/01, After 3-25-91, Bezel & Plug, Switch & Cigar Lighter, Bezel (more...)
Categories: Body; Electrical; Interior
Additional Images:
BLOCK, SEAL PACKAGE. Oil Filter Adapter, Short. View Product
Stock Code: 04720363
$ 11.27
Notes: ADAPTER ASSEMBLY, Oil Filter 1991-92, ADAPTER, Oil Filter, BLOCK, Short, w/o Camshaft , O-RINGS , SEAL PACKAGE, Oil Filter Adapter. 1993, 1996, After 7-19-92, Contains:, Up to 7-16-92. 1-Adapter O-Ring, 2-Adapter Bolt O-Rings. (more...)
Categories: Engine > Cylinder Block; Engine > Engine Oiling; Engine > 4.0L ENGINE; Engine > 4.2L ENGINE
Additional Images:
BOLT, SCREW. Flexplate, Hex Head Header Point. .75-16x2.25. View Product
Stock Code: 06035462
$ 7.90
Notes: BOLT, Driveplate, (7/16-20x.51), CONVERTER, Torque, CONVERTER, Torque, (Lock-Up), SCREW, Drive Plate to Crankshaft. 1991-92, 1993, 1994-95, 42RE, A518 Lock-Up. (46RH), A500SE (42RE). (more...)
Categories: Engine; Exhaust
BOLT, SCREW. Lower, Mounting. Axle Vent, Brake Tee. .437-20x2.07. View Product
Stock Code: 04137696AB
$ 2.23
Notes: SCREW, Axle Vent, SCREW, Rear Axle Vent & Tee Mounting, SCREW, Rear Axle Vent & Tee Mounting (Exc. Venezeula), SCREW, Rear Axle Vent and Brake Tee Mtg., SCREW, Vent, VENT. After 2/21/84, Double Ended Stud, Upto and Including 07-04-00. (more...)
Categories: Brakes; Driveline
Additional Images:
BOLT. Automatic Transmission, Drive Plate To Torque Converter, Mounting, Right. Hex Head, Hex Head Lock. M10x1.50 x 13.20, M10X1.50X13.20, M10x1.50x14. View Product
Stock Code: 06504383
$ 2.90
Notes: [M10X1.50X13.20], BOLT, BOLT, Drive Plate to Clutch, BOLT, Drive Plate to Converter, BOLT, Drive Plate to Converter/Modular Clutch, BOLT, Drive Plate to T/Converter, BOLT, Drive Plate to Torque Converter, BOLT, Drive Plate to Torque Converter (M10x1.50-13.2 Special), BOLT, Drive Plate to Torque Converter/Modular Clutch, BOLT, w/Washer, Cover to Flywheel, Driveplate to Converter, SCREW, Drive Plate to Torque Converter, SCREW, Hex Head, Header Point, Locking, Drive Plate to T/Converter, M10x1.50x1 (more...)
Categories: Clutch; Engine; Transmission & Transfer Case
BOLT. Mounting. Hex Flange Head. M10x1.50x35. View Product
Stock Code: 06502137
$ 8.17
Notes: BOLT, BOLT 35mm, BOLT, (M10-1.5x35), BOLT, 35mm, BOLT, 35mm Long, BOLT, 6 Cyl., BOLT, Diesel Engine , BOLT, Idler Pulley, BOLT, w/Diesel Eng., BOLT, w/Serpentine Belt Drive, BRACKET, Shock Absorber, SCREW, SCREW, 1988, SCREW, 1988 (Locktite Required). (35mm), 1985-86: Modification Required, 1986, 1987-89, 1990 , 35 mm Long, 35mm - 1987-88, Cushion to Frame, Front Bracket to Pump, Reinforcement, Steel, Track Bar Reinforcement, Upper Pulley. (more...)
Categories: Air Conditioning & Heat; Body; Clutch; Cooling; Electrical; Engine; Interior; Steering; Suspension
Additional Images:
BOLT. Mounting. Hex Flange Head. M14x2.00x110, M14x2.0x120. View Product
Stock Code: 34202118
$ 6.41
Notes: BOLT. LCA to Axle, LCA to Clevis and Axle, LCA to Clevis Mounting, Rear Spring, Rear Spring Front, Rear Spring Front and Rear, Rear Spring Rear. (more...)
Categories: Suspension; Suspension > FRONT SUSPENSION; Suspension > Rear Suspension; Suspension > SUSPENSION, REAR
BRACKET. Battery Hold Down. . BRACKET, BRACKET, Battery. Top. View Product
Stock Code: 55014361
$ 16.81
Categories: Electrical > BATTERY TRAYS & CABLES; Electrical; Electrical > BATTERY TRAYS AND CABLES
Additional Images:
BULB, LAMP, SOCKET. Cluster, Instrument Cluster. Bulb And Socket, Warning Lamp. PC74. View Product
Stock Code: L000PC74
$ 2.09
Notes: BULB (74), and Socket , BULB/SOCKET ASSEMBLY , BULBS , LAMP #74 and Socket ( Gray) , LAMP and SOCKET ASSEMBLY, Warning , SOCKET, SOCKET ASSEMBLY (Black) , SOCKET, Includes Bulb #74, Vehicle Maintence Module, Clock., SOCKET, Warning Lamp. #881, (CH-CM), (CP), [JCB], [JCE], [JDF], [JDH], [JDK], 1984, 1985-86, 1994-95, 3.9L/5.2L & 5.9L Engines, 4WD Lamp Indicator, 4x4 Indicator & Shift Bezel Indicator, 5.9l Turbo Diesel Engine, 8 required, 8.0L Engine, Airbag Std. Cluster--Anti-Lock Light--Check En (more...)
Categories: Electrical; Electrical > CHEROKEE, WAGONEER AND COMANCHE; Electrical > INSTRUMENT CLUSTER; Electrical > INSTRUMENT CLUSTERS; Electrical > Instrument Panel Cluster; Electrical > Lamps - Front, Rear and Courtesy; Electrical > LAMPS--BULBS--SOCKETS; Electrical > XJ CHEROKEE, XJ WAGONEER, COMANCHE
Additional Images:
BULB. Cargo Lamp, Chmsl, Deck Lid Lamp, Trunk Lamp. 912. View Product
Stock Code: L0000912
$ 2.03
Notes: #912----Cargo Lamp, #912----Dome & Map Lamp, #912----Hi-Mtd. Stop Lamp, BULB, BULB, (912), BULB, Cargo Lamp, BULB, Console, BULB, Dome & Map, BULB, Map Lamp, BULB, Maplite, BULB, NON-DIMMING LAMPS, BULBS , BULBS, Interior , Cargo Lamp|912, Dome & Map Lamp|912, Hi-Mtd. Stop Lamp|912. [RCD] [RCU], BULB, Hi-Mtd. Stop Lamp, #922, CHMSL, CHMSL (#912), CHMSL Lamp, Overhead Console, #912, Rear Cargo, #912, Trunk Lamp. (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Electrical; Maintenance
Additional Images:
BULB. Chmsl, Courtesy Lamp, Door Courtesy Lamp, Front Side Marker, License Lamp, License Plate, License Plate Lamp, Right & Left, Right And Left, Side Marker, Side Marker Lamp, Sidemarker. Step Bumper. 12V 5W, 168, W10/5, W3W. Tail Lamp. View Product
Stock Code: L0000168
$ 2.16
Notes: #168----License Lamp, #168----Side Marker Lamp, #168----Tail Lamp, #168----Tail Lamp & Console, BULB, BULB (12V-5W) , BULB (168) , BULB (Bead:Brown 12V-5W) , BULB, "168", BULB, #168, BULB, (12V-5W), BULB, (168), BULB, (Brown 12V-5W), BULB, (License), BULB, (License) #168, BULB, 12V-5W, BULB, Courtesy (168), BULB, Exterior, BULB, Front Fender Side Marker, BULB, Frt. Lamp, BULB, Frt. Lamp, LASER/TALON, BULB, Lamp, BULB, Lamp, (12V-5W), BULB, License, BULB, License Lamp, BULB, License Lamp (12V-5W) (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Body; Electrical; Interior; Maintenance
BULB. Under Hood Lamp, Underhood Lamp. 561. View Product
Stock Code: L0000561
$ 2.36
Notes: BULB, BULB, "561", BULB, #561, BULB, (56), BULB, (56), KDX, BULB, (561), BULB, 1987, BULB, NON-DIMMING LAMPS, BULB, Vanity, used on vehicles w/sunroof, BULBS, Interior , Exterior/Interior. #T-3 Cartridge (Miniature), Cargo Lamp, #561, Liftgate Opening Moulding Lamp, Reading Lamp Rear, #561, Replacement Underhood, T-3 Cartridge, Under hood lamp, Under Hood Lamp, Dome/Reading Lamp, Underhood, Underhood Lamp, w/o Overhead Console 1987-90. (more...)
Categories: Electrical; Electrical > BULB CROSS REFERENCE; Electrical > Consoles; Electrical > LAMPS; Electrical > Lamps - Front, Rear and Courtesy; Electrical > Lamps-Interior and Exterior; Interior; Interior > Lift Gate Trim; Maintenance
BUMPER. Deck Lid. Adjustable Stop, Hood, Hood Adjuster, Hood And Decklid. View Product
Stock Code: 04103165
$ 6.95
Notes: BUMPER, BUMPER, Croosmember Hood Slam, BUMPER, Crossmember, BUMPER, Crossmember To Hood, BUMPER, Crossmember To Hood Adj., BUMPER, Crossmember to Hood Adjust, BUMPER, Crossmember To Hood Adjustable, BUMPER, Down Stop, BUMPER, Fender Hood Side, BUMPER, Hood, BUMPER, Hood Panel Front, BUMPER, Hood Panel, Front, BUMPER,C/Member to Hood Adj., STOP, Hood, (Behind Lock Assy.). 1993, Bumper only, C/Member to Hood Adjust, Crossmember To Hood Adjust, Crossmember Hood Slam, Deck Lid, Decklid Forward Over (more...)
Categories: Body; Cooling
BUSHING. Idler Pulley. View Product
Stock Code: 33002201
$ 3.44
Notes: BUSHING, BUSHING, Pulley, BUSHING, w/o P/Strg.. Belt Tensioner Pulley, Flange. (more...)
Categories: Air Conditioning & Heat; Cooling; Electrical; Steering
Additional Images:
BUSHING. Shift Lever. View Product
Stock Code: 53004810
$ 2.70
Notes: BUSHING, BUSHING, Range Shift Lever, BUSHING, Shift Lever, GROMMET, GROMMET, Shift Lever. 52077574, 52078605, 52098899, 52098913, 52099211, 52099212, 52099310, 52111083, 53005069, 53005071, With Police, Without Police. (more...)
Categories: Transmission & Transfer Case; Transmission & Transfer Case > Fork and Rails; Transmission & Transfer Case > Forks and Rails; Transmission & Transfer Case > Gear Shift Controls; Transmission & Transfer Case > Gearshift Controls; Transmission & Transfer Case > TRANSFER CASE; Transmission & Transfer Case > TRANSFER CASE - MODEL 231; Transmission & Transfer Case > TRANSFER CASE - MODEL 242; Transmission & Transfer Case > TRANSFER CASE - SHIFT CONTROLS
BUTTON. Inside. Rear View Mirror. View Product
Stock Code: 55076401
$ 14.45
Notes: BUTTON, BUTTON, Inside Rear View Mirror Mounting, BUTTON, Inside Rear View Mounting, BUTTON, Mirror, BUTTON, Mirror, (Seviced in Item #1), BUTTON, Rear Mirror Mounting, BUTTON, Rear View Mirror, BUTTON, Rear View Mirror Mounting, Serviced in Item #1, SUPPORT, Inside Rear View Mirror. [GAD], [GBB,AHW], [GBB], [GBH], 1- ------- Fence Primer, 1 oz., 1- ------- Glass Black-Out Primer, 1 oz., 1- ------- Glass Wipe-Off Primer, 1 oz., 1- ------- Nozzle, 1- ------- Polyurethane, 11.5 oz., 1990-91, 1990- (more...)
Categories: Body; Glass
CABLE, CLIP. Mounting. Attaching, Brake Tube, Fuel Bundle, Parking Brake Extension, Tube. View Product
Stock Code: 32000404
$ 2.90
Notes: CLIP, CLIP, Brake Line/HYD Line to Dash Reinf., CLIP, HYD Line to Dash Reinf., CLIP, Rear, Right, CLIP, Vent. ATX CABLE TO ENG MOUNT, Cable To Brake Line, Rear Single, Recirculating Tube to Mounting Bracket, Shift Cable To Frame, Single Tube, Tube Rear Brake Left, Tube Rear Brake Rt Tube to Rt Rear F/Pan Rail. (more...)
Categories: Body; Brakes; Clutch; Cooling; Doors; Fuel; Transmission & Transfer Case
CAP. Coolant Recovery Bottle, Coolant Reserve Tank. View Product
Stock Code: 55111074AA
$ 13.37
Notes: CAP, Bottle, CAP, Coolant Reserve Tank, CAP, Reserve Tank. [ECN] Or [ECP] or [EDG] or [ED3], 1988, 1989. (more...)
Categories: Body > Windshield Wiper and Washer Systems; Cooling; Cooling > CONDENSER TANKS; Cooling > COOLANT RESERVE TANK; Cooling > COOLANT RESERVE TANKS; Cooling > Engine Coolant Reservoir (Bottle); Cooling > Radiator and Related Parts; Charge Air Cooler; Cooling > Tank, Coolant Engine; Cooling > TANK, COOLANT RESERVE
CAP. Radiator. View Product
Stock Code: 52079880AA
$ 11.75
Notes: CAP, CAP, Radiator, CAP, Tank. [DBB], [DG0], [NMC], 1990, Heavy Duty Cooling, w/Heavy Duty Cooling 1987-89, With Coolant Recovery System, With Heavy Duty Cooling, Without [NMC], Without Coolant Recovery System. 1981, 1982-83, 1982-85, 1982-86. (more...)
Categories: Cooling; Cooling > COOLANT RESERVE TANK; Cooling > Engine Coolant Reservoir (Bottle); Cooling > Radiator and Related Parts; Cooling > Radiator and Related Parts; Charge Air Cooler; Cooling > RADIATORS; Cooling > Tank, Coolant Engine
CLAMP, COOLER, HOSE AND TUBE. Coolant Hose, Export, Inlet, Mounting, Outlet. Engine Coolant to Oil Cooler Outlet, Heater Hose, Power Steering With Hose, Supply Hose. 24X15, 26 mm Diameter. View Product
Stock Code: 06502017
$ 3.24
Notes: [Open DIameter = M26.0 THK=1.30], CLAMP, CLAMP, By-Pass Hose, CLAMP, Coolant Hose, CLAMP, diameter = 25mm, CLAMP, Heater Hose, CLAMP, Heater Hoses, CLAMP, Heater Return at Bottle, CLAMP, Hose, CLAMP, Htr. Hose At Eng., CLAMP, PCV Hose, CLAMP, PCV Make-up Hose, CLAMP, Supply Hose, CLAMP, Thermo Hose By Pass, CLAMP, Thermo, Hose, CLAMP, Water Pump By-Pass Hose, HOSE and TEE ASSEMBLY , HOSE and TUBE ASSEMBLY , HOSE and VALVE ASSEMBLY, Aux. Heat and A/C , Includes: Clamps, M26, WASHER. [25mm], [49], (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Air Conditioning & Heat; Cooling; Engine; Fuel; Interior; Steering
CLIP, NUT. Dash Panel, Silencer Attaching. Push On. View Product
Stock Code: 06503274
$ 3.58
Notes: CLIP, CLIP, Insulation to Dash, CLIP, To Dash Panel, FASTENER, No. Fin for a M5 Stud. Attaching, Insulation To Dash Panel, Silencer Attaching. (more...)
Categories: Body; Interior
CLIP, RAIL. Fuel, Fuel Injector. View Product
Stock Code: 04418257AB
$ 9.45
Notes: CLIP, Fuel Injector, CLIP, Injector, RAIL ASSEMBLY, Fuel . [ECC] [EDV] [EDZ] [ED2], 3.9L Eng., 3.9L Engine, 3.9L/8.0L Eng., 5.2L Engine, 5.2L/5.9L Eng., Metal, Std.. 1994-95. (more...)
Categories: Engine > Manifolds and Vacuum Fittings; Fuel > CARBURETOR, EFI, TC AND COMPONENTS; Fuel > THROTTLE BODIES, TURBO CHARGERS AND FUEL RAILS; Fuel > THROTTLE BODYS AND TURBO CHARGER; Fuel > THROTTLE BODY AND TURBO CHARGER COMPONENTS; Fuel > FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM; Engine > Manifolds; Fuel; Fuel > Fuel Rail and Injectors; Fuel > Fuel Rail
END CAP, EXTENSION, Rail, EXTENSION, Rail, Black, Left. 1991, 1992, 1993, Black, Grained, Left. Black, Grained, 1991, Left. View Product
Stock Code: 55234545
$ 78.64
Categories: Body; Body > BUMPER, FRONT
Additional Images:
Engine Block Heaters, HEATER, HEATER KIT, HEATER PACKAGE. View Product
Stock Code: 82201506
$ 30.61
Notes: HEATER, Engine Block. 4.0L Engine, 4.0L V6 Engine, 4.0L V6 Engines, Consists of: Block Heater & Cord Set. Fits all 4.0L V6 Engines, Engine Block Heater; 4.0L Power Tech I-6, Fits all 4.0L V6 Engines. (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Engine
FILTER. Engine Oil. View Product
Stock Code: 05281090
$ 8.10
Notes: FILTER, Engine Oil, FILTER, Oil, FILTER, Oil (Cartridge Type), FILTER, Oil (Sealed Type), See Note. [3/4-16] With Engine Production Part Number 04892603AA Or 04892480AA, 1990, 1991, 1991-92, 1991-93, Egypt, Severe Use, JA Body, SAE Thread. (more...)
Categories: Engine; Maintenance
Additional Images:
FITTING ASSEMBLY, CCV w/Orifice , TUBE and FITTING ASSEMBLY, w/Orifice . View Product
Stock Code: 53030492
$ 8.98
Categories: Engine > 4.0L ENGINE
Additional Images:
HOUSING. Speedometer Drive Gear. View Product
Stock Code: 52069315
$ 53.12
Notes: ADAPTER, or Retainer, Speedometer Pinion, 1993, ADAPTER, or Retainer, Speedometer, 1993, ADAPTER, Speedo Pinion, ADAPTER, Speedometer, HOUSING, HOUSING, Pinion, 1993, HOUSING, Speedometer Drive Pinion, HOUSING, Speedometer Pinion. (more...)
Categories: Transmission & Transfer Case; Transmission & Transfer Case > SPEEDOMETER PINION, CABLES, PINION CHART; Transmission & Transfer Case > Speedometer Pinions; Transmission & Transfer Case > SPEEDOMETER PINIONS AND GEAR (AUTO. AND MANUAL); Transmission & Transfer Case > TRANSMISSION
INSTALLATION PACKAGE. Windshield Glass. View Product
Stock Code: 04864015AC
$ 64.13
Notes: Includes Spacers, MOUNTING KIT, MOUNTING KIT, Windshield, MOUNTING PACKAGE, Windshield , REPAIR KIT, Windshield and Rear Window. [GAM]. (more...)
Categories: Body; Glass
MAGNET. Transmission. View Product
Stock Code: 03681601
$ 5.54
Notes: MAGENT, Case Chip Collector , MAGNET, MAGNET, Case Chip Collector , MAGNET, Chip Collector, MAGNET, Rear Case Chip Collector, MAGNET, Trans Chip Collector, MAGNET, Trans. Chip Collector, MAGNET, Transmission Chip Collector. [494] [495], [499], [DH1], [DME] Or [DMF] Or [DMR], [DH1], [DMU], 1987-89, 1987-90: (A) (B) (C), 1990, 1990: (D), 52098899, 52098913, 52099211, 52099211AB, 52099212, 52099310, 52099364AB, 52105646ad, 52105649ad, 52111083, 52111252AA, 52119522, 52119522 AC, 52853060ac, 5285306 (more...)
Categories: Transmission & Transfer Case
MODULE. Daytime Running Lamp. View Product
Stock Code: 56004262
$ 107.26
Notes: MODULE, Daytime Running Lamp, MODULE, Daytime Running Lights, Canada, MODULE, Headlamp, MODULE, Headlamp (See Illus. 850), MODULE, Headlamp, 1990-91, MODULE, Running Lamp (Mtg. Screw 6033567). 1994-96, 1996. (more...)
Categories: Electrical; Electrical > Lamps - Front, Rear and Courtesy; Electrical > Modules; Electrical > MODULES--CONTROL UNITS; Electrical > Relays
Additional Images:
NOZZLE. Washer. Windshield. . NOZZEL, Washer , NOZZLE, Washer. View Product
Stock Code: 56001601
$ 14.85
Categories: Body > WINDSHIELD WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEM; Body > Windshield Wiper and Washer Systems; Body > WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEMS; Body > XJ CHEROKEE, XJ WAGONEER
NUT. Fascia To Fender, Mounting, Passenger Air Bag, Passenger Airbag, Quarter Window Regulator. Hex. M6x1.00. View Product
Stock Code: 06100048
$ 3.98
Notes: CANISTER, Vacuum, Check, Discharge Line to Oil Pan, M6X1.00, NUT, NUT & WASHER , NUT & WASHER ASSEMBLY , NUT and WASHER, NUT and WASHER, Bumper Fascia and Retainer to Fender, NUT and WASHER, Bumper Fascia to Lower Deck Panel, NUT AND WASHER, Canister Mounting , NUT and WASHER, Cond. Mtg., NUT and WASHER, Extension to Fender, NUT and WASHER, Fascia to Aperture Panel, NUT AND WASHER, Fascia to Fender , NUT AND WASHER, Fascia to Quarter Panel , NUT and WASHER, Filler To Aperture, NUT and WASHER, M6 (more...)
Categories: Air Conditioning & Heat; Body; Brakes; Cooling; Doors; Electrical; Emissions; Fuel; Interior; Steering; Transmission & Transfer Case; Wheels
Additional Images:
PIN, PUSH PIN. Front, Left, Left Side, Mounting, Rear, Right, Right Side. M6.3X23.00. View Product
Stock Code: 06030441
$ 2.97
Notes: CLIP, CLIP, Push, CLIP, Wheelhouse Inner Silencer, Condenser, Lower, FASTENER, FASTENER .28", FASTENER, Center Pillar Silencer Attach., FASTENER, Cover, FASTENER, KDX - Egypt, Venezuela, FASTENER, Splash Shield, Fender Splash Shield Push Pin, NUT, PANEL, Front Fender Side Shield, PIN, PIN, .25x.9, PIN, Diverter Attaching, PIN, Push Luggage Compartment, PIN, Push Shield Attaching, PLUG, Cowl Plenum Lower Motor Mtg. Nut, PLUG, Cowl Plenum Lower Motor Mtg. Push Nut, PLUG, Cowl Plenum Lower Windshie (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Air Conditioning & Heat; Body; Brakes; Clutch; Cooling; Doors; Electrical; Emissions; Fuel; Interior; Labels; Restraints; Steering; Suspension
PLATE. Left. Brake Backing. View Product
Stock Code: 05017761AA
$ 67.37
Notes: PLATE, Backing, PLATE, Backing w/o ABS, Left, PLATE, Backing, Left. [BGA], w/o ABS Brakes, Left, w/o ABS Brakes, w/9" Brakes, Left, w/o ABS, 9" Brakes, Left, w/o Anti-Lock Brakes, Left. (more...)
RELAY. A/C, A/C Clutch, ABS Yellow Light, Air Pump, Automatic Shutdown, Door Lock, EATX, EATX Safety Shutdown, EATX Shutdown, Fog Lamp, Fuel Pump, Headlamp Delay, Horn, Park Lamps, Power Top Relay, Trunklid Release. Electrical, Mini. EATX Backup Lamp, Starter, Wiper. Front Fog Lamp, Power Door Locks-Unlock, Windshield Wiper. View Product
Stock Code: 04671168
$ 10.19
Notes: Front Fog Lamp, High Beam, Lock All, Rear Fog Lamp, RELAY, A.B.S. Yellow Light, RELAY, A/C Clutch, Fuel Pump, Wiper Hi-Lo, Intermittent Wipe, Air Pump, E.A.T.X. Shutdown, E.A.T.X. Back-Up Lamp, RELAY, A/C Clutch, Fuel Pump, Wiper Hi-Lo, Intermittent Wipe, Air Pump, E.A.T.X. Shutdown, E.A.T.X. Back-Up Lamp, Convertible Top, RELAY, Fog Lamp & Headlamp, RELAY, Headlamp Delay, RELAY, Horn, RELAY, Micro, RELAY, Micro Plug, RELAY, Micro Plug, 1992-93, RELAY, Speed Control, H/Lamp Delay, Horn, Door Loc (more...)
Categories: Electrical > Relays; Electrical > Power Distribution Center, Fuse Block, Junction Block, Relays and Fuses; Electrical > Wiring-Instrument Panel; Electrical > Wiring-Headlamp to Dash; Electrical > WIRING--HEADLAMP TO DASH; Electrical > WIRING--INSTRUMENT PANEL; Electrical; Electrical > RELAYS AND SENSORS; Accessories > Carriers & Cargo Hauling; Accessories > Fog Lights & Electrical
Additional Images:
RETAINER. Hood Insulation. .415x.690. View Product
Stock Code: 06003351
$ 3.51
Notes: FASTENER, FASTENER, Hood Inner Panel Insulation Pad, FASTENER, Hood Inner Panel Silencer (w/Metal Hood), FASTENER, Hood Inner Pnl. Silencer, FASTENER, Hood Insulation, FASTENER, Hood Panel Silencer, FASTENER, Hood Panel Silencer (w/Metal Hood), FASTENER, Hood Silencer, FASTENER, Seal Hood To Yoke Seal, FASTENER, Silencer Attach. Left, FASTENER,Seal Hood to Yoke Seal, RETAINER, RETAINER, Frt. Fndr. Hsg. s/Shield Ext., RETAINER, Hood Inner Panel Insulation Pad, RETAINER, Hood Inner Panel Silencer (more...)
Categories: Body; Cooling; Interior
RIVET. Front, Left, Rear, Right. Blind Expansion (R-Lok), M6.25x28. View Product
Stock Code: 06500911
$ 5.00
Notes: Air Seal to Fascia, Fascia to Slash Shield, Fascia to Step Support, Fender Liner to Fascia, Grille Support Brace, RIVET, RIVET, Air Seal to Fascia, RIVET, Attaching, RIVET, Blind, RIVET, Fascia to Lower C/Mbr., Splash Shield Attaching, Wheelhouse Attaching. 1992-93, Black, Cladding to Body Rt/Lt, Fascia to Splash Shield, Front Fascia to Splash Extension, Liner to Panel, Sill Molding to Body, Sill to Lower Flange, Sill to Lower Weld Flange, Sill to Wheel Opening, Sill to Whole Opening, Wheel Line (more...)
Categories: Body; Cooling; Doors; Wheels
RIVET. Front. Fender. M6.25x28 Black. Plastic. View Product
Stock Code: 34201631
$ 5.20
Notes: RIVET, RIVET, Blind, RIVET, Front Fender, Black Plastic, RIVET, Plastic, Splash Shield Attach. 1984-85, 1991, Ataach Front Fender, Attach Front Fender, Black, P.A.R., ECE, Splash Shield Mounting. (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Body; Cooling; Fuel; Interior
SEAL. Axle Drive Shaft. View Product
Stock Code: 52070427AB
$ 13.43
Notes: OIL SEAL, Drive Shaft, SEAL, Drive Shaft, SEAL, Drive Shaft Bearing Outer, SEAL, Drive Shaft Bearing Outer 1984, SEAL, Drive Shaft Brg. Oil, SEAL, Drive Shaft Brg. Oil 1984, SEAL, Drive Shaft Oil, Inner, SEAL, Rear Axle Drive Shaft. [DRB], Use With Axle Shaft Diameter of 41.1mm. (more...)
Categories: Driveline > CHEROKEE, BRIARWOOD, GRAND CHEROKEE, COMANCHE; Driveline > CHRYSLER REAR AXLE; Driveline > Differential and Housing; Driveline > Rear Axle; Driveline > Rear Axle Shafts; Driveline > Rear Axle; Housing, Differential and Vent
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SENSOR. Battery Temperature Sensor. Ambient Temperature. View Product
Stock Code: 04688204
$ 19.44
Notes: Ambient Temp, w/Wiring (Use Insul. 4443964), Ambient Temp. Overhead Console, Ambient Temp., Overhead Console, Ambient Temp., w/Wiring (Use Insul. 4443964), SENSOR, Ambient Air, SENSOR, Ambient Temperature, SENSOR, Charge Voltage Ambient Temp., SENSOR, Charge Voltage Ambient Temp.(Battery), SENSOR, Outside Air Temp., SENSOR, Overhead Console Amb. Temp. (Located In Frt. Bumper Beam). Also battery temp sensor, Battery Temp Sensor, Powertrain Control Module. (more...)
Categories: Electrical > Consoles; Electrical > RELAYS--SWITCHES--MODULES--SENSORS; Electrical > RELAYS AND SENSORS; Electrical; Electrical > SENSORS
Additional Images:
SERVO. Speed Control. View Product
Stock Code: 04669979
$ 86.33
Notes: [ Vacuum harness is part of hevac a/c harness], ASSEMBLY, Speed Control , SERVO, Speed Control, Vacuum harness is part of hevac a/c harness. 1991, 1992-93, 1994, Consists of:, Up To 9-25-98. (more...)
Categories: Fuel > SPEED CONTROLS; Fuel > THROTTLE CONTROLS; Fuel > SPEED CONTROL; Accessories > Driver Convenience
Additional Images:
SHROUD, U-NUT. Condenser To Radiator, Front, Front Fender Attachment. Fan, M6 x 1.00. Extension. .190-16, M6x1.00. View Product
Stock Code: 06504118
$ 5.81
Notes: Air Cleaner to Shroud, NUT, NUT AND WASHER, Condenser Mounting , NUT, A/C Cond. Mounting, NUT, A/C Condenser Mounting, NUT, Air Dam Att., NUT, Condenser Mounting, NUT, Latch Attach., NUT, U-Type, Radiator attaching, SHROUD, Fan, U NUT, U-NUT, U-NUT 2.2L Eng. Turbo 2, U-NUT, A/C Cond. Mtg., U-NUT, A/C Condenser Mounting, U-NUT, A/C Condenser Mtg., U-NUT, A/C. Condenser Mounting, U-NUT, A/C. Condenser Mtg., U-NUT, Bumper Fascia To Reinforcement, U-NUT, Child Seat Attaching, U-NUT, Cond. Mounting o (more...)
Categories: Accessories; Air Conditioning & Heat; Body; Clutch; Cooling; Doors; Electrical; Emissions; Engine; Fuel; Interior; Restraints; Wheels
SPRING. Throttle Valve Return. View Product
Stock Code: 53009055
$ 3.71
Notes: SPRING, SPRING, Kickdown - Auto. Trans., SPRING, Throttle Valve Return, SPRING, Throttle Valve Return, w/Auto Trans.. (more...)
Categories: Fuel > THROTTLE CONTROLS; Transmission & Transfer Case > Gearshift Controls
U JOINT, U-JOINT KIT. Right or Left. Front Axle. View Product
Stock Code: 04137757
$ 56.63
Notes: CROSS PACKAGE, U/Joint, JOINT PACKAGE, Front Axle Shaft, JOINT PKG., w/Bearings & Rings, JOINT, Universal, JOINT, w/Bearings & Rings, SPIDER , SPIDER ASSEMBLY . [BGA,DJL], [BGA], [BGK], [DHN], [DHP], [DJC], [DJR] With Casting Number F2004S10E on Stub Shaft, 1992-93 w/ABS, 3822808 Snap ring (4), Bearing (4), Consists of:, Cross (1), w/ABS, w/ABS, w/Large Dia. Caps 1.187", w/Anti-Lock Braking system, 1989, w/Dana 44, With 1.187" Diameter Caps, With Casting Number F2004S10E on Stub Shaft. (more...)
Categories: Suspension > FRONT AXLES; Suspension > FRONT AXLE SHAFTS; Suspension > Front Axle Drive Shafts; Suspension > FRONT AXLE SHAFT; Driveline > Front Axle Drive Shafts
VENT. Upper, Vent Hose. Axle. View Product
Stock Code: J5352955
$ 3.71
Notes: BRACKET, BREATHER, BREATHER, Rear Axle Vent, BREATHER, Vent , BREATHER,Axle Vent Upper, CAP, CAP, Fuel Tank Vent, CAP, Vent, CAP, Vent - 20 Gal. Tank, CAP, Vent - NRM, CAP, Vent - w/Leaded Fuel - ECE, HOSE, SCREW, Rear Brake Hose/Axle Vent 1/4 x 5/16" (Plastic), TUBE, TUBE & CLIP ASSEMBLY, Case Vent , VENT. [495], [497], [BR4], [DRK+BR4], [DRK], [DRK] With[BR4], California, Four Cylinder, Carbureted, Non-Regulated Markets. (more...)
Categories: Brakes; Clutch; Driveline; Emissions; Fuel; Suspension; Transmission & Transfer Case is operated by Cherokee Chrysler LLC., an authorized Chrysler Group dealer.

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